The ReachZ Companion app provides physicians/care providers a simple and intuitive tool to create, store and share safety plan and appointment information with their patients.

What does ReachZ Companion App do?

  • ReachZ Companion app helps care providers maintain and share patient information such as Safety Plan and Appointments.
  • The safety plan information captures and stores details about the following sections for future reference:
    • One thing worth living for
    • Warning Signs
    • Internal Coping Strategies
    • Positive Distractions
    • (Personal & Professional)
    • Making the environment safe
  • Transfer Safety Plan and Appointment information to the corresponding patient’s ReachZ app using QR Codes.


  • Intuitive user experience specifically designed for tablets(currently Android).
  • Patient, Safety Plan & Appointment maintenance.
  • QR Code generation of Safety Plan and appointment information.
  • Ability to tag patients as Veteran.
  • Care Provider Profile Creation.
  • Automatic addition of Care Provider details in the Safety Plan.
  • Automatic addition of Emergency Contact in the Safety Plan.
  • Email Safety Plan as PDF.